11-year-old California ‘boy genius’ earns three college degrees

Tanishq Abraham, 11, of Sacramento, California, is interviewed by a local television station after graduating from American River College with three degrees. (Photo: Tanishq Abraham/Twitter)

SACRAMENTO (KRON/AP) — An 11-year-old Northern California boy has earned three community college degrees at a time when most children are just finishing elementary school.

The Sacramento Bee reports Tanishq Abraham of Sacramento skipped first grade, completed second grade, and then started taking classes part-time at American River College when he was 7. He was easily the college’s youngest student.

American River is a community college in northern Sacramento County.

On Wednesday he graduated with a 4.0 with degrees in general science, math and physical science, and foreign language studies.

It was just a year ago at the age of 10 that Tanishq earned his high school degree. He then started taking college classes full time.

His mother, Taji had home-schooled Tanishq and his younger sister.

His father, Bijou Abraham says his son is a regular kid and “very social and outgoing.” He enjoys playing video games and swimming.

Not surprising, Tanishq has great aspirations for the future. They include becoming a doctor, a medical researcher, and President of the United States.

The boy’s 9-year-old sister, Tiara is also takes classes at the America River College.

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