Nashville cops save man’s life with spoon and T-shirt


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police officers used a kitchen spoon, a T-shirt and a little ingenuity to save a man’s life after he was involved in a domestic dispute.

According to police, Qydennie Simmons was cut by his girlfriend on his left bicep and chest during a dispute at Trinity Hills Village apartments on East Nocturne Drive Monday night.

Police told News 2 Simmons reportedly threatened the woman, and allegedly threw a rock at her during the altercation.

The woman left the complex, leaving Simmons bleeding profusely as he stumbled up the stairs to his apartment.

Metro police stopped Simmons’ girlfriend a short time later. Upon approaching the woman during the traffic stop, Officer Wesley McClelland discovered she was covered in blood.

“I noticed there was some blood on the back bumper. She told me first off she had a knife in her lap. I asked why. She said she just stabbed her boyfriend,” McClelland said.

Officers quickly responded to the apartment complex where they discovered and followed a blood trail leading to Simmons’ apartment.

After opening the door to his home, police found the 39-year-old man barely responsive and bleeding heavily.

“You could see with every pulse of the heart there was blood coming out of it. It appears there was an artery severed,” Officer William Dran said.

The officers quickly laid Simmons down and grabbed a kitchen spoon and T-shirt to make a tourniquet.

“My training kicked in. I saw a spoon on a kitchen counter. I take the spoon and get some torque to stop the bleeding and that’s how you make a tourniquet on the fly,” Officer Jordan Donegan said.

According to the EMT’s who quickly respond on the scene, the officer’s quick actions saved Simmons life.

“It’s just our job. Protect and serve. It’s what we do. We care about our community. That’s why we joined the job,” Donegan said.

Simmons received medical treatment and is now in the Metro jail. Police said he had outstanding warrants for domestic assault and theft.

Police said his girlfriend has not been charged since she was reportedly protecting herself when she cut Simmons.

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