Watch an engaged couple age 60 years in touching video

(Photo: YouTube/Field Day)

A fascinating and touching video takes a soon-to-be-married couple from their late 20s (their current age) some 60 years in their future.

The video, titled 100 Years of Beauty: Aging, was posted online by YouTube user Field Day. In it, you’re introduced to Tavis and Kristie, a young couple who are one month away from their wedding day.

Throughout the course of the video, a team of make-up artists work to age the pair from their late 20s to their late 90s. After each make-up session is complete, Tavis and Kristie turn around with their eyes covered, and then reveal how they look as their older selves.

The two are visibly overwhelmed by the experience, especially when asked the question, “What would be your last words to each other?”

Watch Tavis and Kristie’s journey through time below:

(Heads up: There are two moments in the video where profanity is used in a joking manner.)

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