Suspect at center of horrific Chesterfield I-95 crash has lengthy record of driving offenses

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — After a frightening accident this weekend, 8News took a closer look at the man charged with crashing into the patrol cars of two state troopers on Interstate 95 in Chesterfield. Investigators say the suspect has a lengthy record of driving offenses.

On Saturday evening, 28-year-old David Robinson Jr.’s car careened into two state police cars that were parked on the shoulder of south bound I-95 near the Woods Edge exit.

VSP ax 5-16

Police say Robinson was driving on a suspended license when he crashed. They add this wasn’t the first time he’s been busted.

“It’s a choice an individual makes in getting behind the wheel knowing they are suspended and putting their self and others around them in danger,” explains Virginia State Police Sergeant Stephen Vick.

State Police say Robinson has been convicted at least seven times for driving on a suspended license, but Chesterfield Circuit Court records show he was convicted last spring for his ninth offense.

That would make what happened Saturday, the tenth time Robinson’s been ticketed for driving a car when he’s not supposed to behind the wheel.

Attorney and Legal Analyst Russ Stone says repeated convictions aren’t unusual.

“Remember, most driving suspended cases don’t result in any kind of damage or injury. It’s just someone needs to get somewhere and they’re not supposed to and they get caught driving,” says Stone.

In Saturday’s crash, both Robinson and his three young kids got hurt. He’s now facing reckless driving charges, failure to move over for law enforcement, failure to wear a seat belt and failure to buckle up two of his kids in child safety seats.

“Those are things a judge is going to take into account and if a judge finds he was driving recklessly and suspended and the result was significant property damage and injury, yes I think jail time is going to be the result,” Stone added.

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