Pres. Obama prohibits federal gov’t. from providing military-style weapons to local police

CAMDEN, N.J. (WRIC) – On Monday, President Obama enacted a strict set of measures to control the use of military-style weapons in local police departments across the country.

The federal government will no longer provide funding for military-style weapons and equipment to local police jurisdictions. Armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers and firearms of .50-caliber or higher are among the items the government will no longer fund.

Additionally, the Obama administration is searching for methods to recall prohibited weapons and equipment already in use in police departments across the country.

Police, outfitted in full-body armor, used armored vehicles during the violent riots in Ferguson, Missouri last summer following the death of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown at the hands of White police officer Darren Wilson.

After the riots in Ferguson and scrutiny of Ferguson Police’s use of military-style equipment, 8News exposed heavy military equipment like mine-resistant vehicles and grenade launchers in the hands of law enforcement in central Virginia.

8News Anchor Kerri O’Brien will have a full report on the new federal measures tonight, starting on 8News at 5.


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