Professor helps calm student’s baby during lecture

ABC7/ (Sydney Engelberg/Facebook)

A professor was photographed lending a helping hand to one of his students.

While teaching a class at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Sydney Engelberg noticed there was a crying baby in his classroom.

The mother of the child couldn’t find a babysitter that day, so she brought her baby with her to school.

As the baby continued to cry, the mother began to gather her things to leave with her child.

That’s when Engelberg went over to the baby, picked it up and helped soothe it. He then continued to teach once the baby calmed down.

The photo has been viewed over 1 million times and has almost 50,000 shares on Facebook.

“He’s gotten love letters,” Fredi Siskind Engelberg, the professor’s wife, told Yahoo Parenting. “He’s pretty blase about it, and we just find it all very funny. I think it must have happened on a no-news day.”

Professor Engelberg told Yahoo Parenting he wants his students to bring their kids to class.

“The reason is that education for me is not simply conveying content, but teaching values…how better than by role modeling?”

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