Georgia principal released following racial remarks at graduation

The principal who made racially charged comments during the TNT Academy’s graduation ceremony has been let go from the school.

Dr. Francys Johnson, Civil Rights Attorney and State President of the Georgia NAACP, confirmed the news about TNT’s founder Nancy Gordeuk.

Gordeuk had just finished handing out diplomas on May 8 when things went awry. Gordeuk forgot to introduce the valedictorian. When he started speaking, some audience members began to leave and that was when the principal made her most controversial remark.

“Look who’s leaving all the black people,” Gordeuk says.

The video of the remarks went viral and set off a firestorm of controversy.

The crowd erupted; voiced displeasure and most people appeared to leave.

In an interview with Channel 2’s Jessica Jaglois, Gordeuk tried to explain her remarks.

“So I introduced him, he started speaking, then a man, he was black, came across carrying his tablet back and forth filming the students in front,” Gordeuk said.

She said he was being disruptive so she called security and people began to leave.

“Who I saw leaving were black people so that’s where the statement came from, ‘look who’s leaving, all the black people,’” Gordeuk told Jaglois.

Video exclusively obtained by Channel 2 Action News showed one woman defending the school leader.

“This lady has spent countless hours, weeks, months and years. She’s done a lot for our children when the public school system rejected our system,” she said. “She was gravely disrespected.”

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