Domino’s will now let you order pizza through Twitter via emoji

(Photos via Twitter/Dominos/Associated Press)

Ordering a pizza will soon be as simple as sending a tweet.

(Screenshot from Twitter/Dominos)
Domino’s has been foreshadowing the announcement on their Twitter feed lately using all pizza emojis… and no text! (Screenshot from Twitter/Dominos)

Starting May 20, pizza delivery chain Domino’s will roll out a ‘tweet-to-order’ system for customers in the U.S. Domino’s will be the first major player in the restaurant industry to use Twitter on a regular basis to place and complete orders.

What’s crazier is that regular Domino’s customers will be able to order by just tweeting the pizza emoji to @Dominos on Twitter, according to a report from USA Today.

“It’s the epitome of convenience,” CEO Patrick Doyle told USA Today. “We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.”

The company will then sends users a direct message, where they’ll confirm their order.

Click here to read more from USA Today.

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