Storm chaser captures rainbow alongside tornado in Colorado

Storm chaser Benjamin Jurkovich captured this image of a rainbow near a tornado during a storm near Wiley, Colorado, May 8, 2015. (Photo courtesy Benjamin Jurkovich via ABC News)

A storm chaser caught stunning photos and video of a rainbow near a tornado as it moved through rural fields near two Colorado towns.

Benjamin Jurkovich, 25, said he’d never witnessed anything like what he saw when he stumbled upon the rare weather phenomenon in Wiley and Eads — and he’s been storm chasing since he was 10-year-old.

“This was just remarkable,” Jurkovich told ABC News today when asked about Saturday’s storm. “There’s not many things that blow my mind, but this was truly wowing.”

Jurkovich added that the tornado appeared to only pass through rural areas. He says didn’t hear about any damage or injury reports in the area.

The storm chaser, who works full-time during weekdays as a store manager, said he got into chasing storms after watching the movie “Twister” when he was eight.

“I was living in Seattle, Washington, at the time, where we don’t have tornadoes and storms like that,” he said. “It fascinated me, and I started reading about actual tornado events all the time.”

Jurkovich also said that chasing tornadoes and severe storms make him a feel a reverent kind of nervousness, which he described as “adrenaline mixed with a little bit of butterflies.”

“I have a bible verse I use for storm chasing, Nahum 1:3, which says that God is the god of the whirlwind, and the clouds are the dust of his feet,” he said. “When I’m looking at these massive, ridiculous storms and tornados that scare the crap out of me, it’s just like, wow, this is the dust of God’s feet. It puts me in a state of awestruckness and makes me feel small, which is a good place to be.”

The 25-year-old is also part of JWSevere Weather Team, a young organization of storm chasers who not only want to capture stunning storms but also provide first response aid in affected towns, he said.

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