Police commend man for turning in $2700 cash

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — Middletown Police are commending a town resident for his honesty and integrity, after turning in a bag of cash he found lying in the road.

“[I was] driving up the road and I saw a bag laying there,” said Charlie Laurin. “I knew what it was, a bank bag. I pulled over, picked it up, opened it up and saw cash. Quite a bit of cash.”

The deposit bag discovered in the middle of Aquidneck Avenue last Thursday contained more than $2,700 in cash.

Charles Laurin found the bag and brought it to the Middletown Police Department.

“I could have used the money, everybody could have used the money but my conscious wouldn’t let me do it,” said Laurin. “I’m just not that type of person.”

Police later tracked down the owner of the bag and returned the money.

The Middletown Police Department issued a news release Tuesday recognizing Laurin for his outstanding deed.

“[I’m] just surprised by that act of good will by someone to find such a large sum of cash and be willing to turn it in, it was very impressive,” said Deputy Chief Ferenc Karoly.

Laurin tells us the owner from Newport thanked him in person by treating him to breakfast and also gave him a small reward despite his objections.

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