Hundreds of unclaimed valuables in Virginia

Each year, the Commonwealth of Virginia puts hundreds of unclaimed items on the auction block.

“GPS, cell phones, iPads, computers, we’ve got toy trains this year that we haven’t had in the past, they are generating quite a lot of interest,”  said William Dadmun, in the department’s division of unclaimed property.

This year, the department had more than 1,100 items that people were able to bid on online.

The items are collected from places like safe deposit boxes, where an individual has not paid a bill and the bank has not been able to get in contact with the owner.

Other unclaimed items are from lost and found collections or even from police evidence locker rooms. Money, including foreign currency and old American coins are among some of the most popular items. There are even people who travel to Richmond to see the items first hand before they bid online.

“Well, it’s very popular. We have had people from California, Mississippi, Texas, New York, Baltimore,” Dadmun listed

Last year, the auction brought in more than $200,000. The department says this is money that goes to K-12 funding. If you are ever able to prove an item is yours, you’re in luck.

“They can always come back and claim those funds, rather than giving them the computer that was theirs, we give them the cash that we got from that auction,” says Dadmun

The auction ends at 7 p.m. On Tuesday May 12. Click here for a link to the auction site.

To view unclaimed property, click here.

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