Brittany Beckwith picks VCU over UR despite strong ties

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Greg Beckwith is part of the fabric of Richmond Spiders athletics. He is a Spiders’ Hall of Famer, does color commentary for Spiders radio, and married his UR college sweetheart Julie McClellan.

Beckwith’s daughter Brittany Beckwith had to decide on where she would continue playing soccer after graduating from Midlothian this spring. She chose VCU, the exact opposite of what her parents were expecting.

“Of course we wanted her to go to Richmond,” says Greg Beckwith. “But she wanted to go where she could have a great opportunity to play and we support the decision she made.”

Julie McClellan is adjusting to the change as well, saying, “I was heartbroken I must admit. I always envisioned her going to Richmond. I always envisioned her being a Spider. She grew up on that campus.”

Both mom and dad will have to put aside their passion for blue and red, exchanging it for black and gold apparel, something they aren’t quite ready for but are more than willing for their daughter.

Brittany can’t wait long enough to hit the pitch for the Rams, ” I get to play with the girls I met that I loved. I get to play with the coaches I loved. I get to progress. I’m not that far from home.”

The Beckwith family will support Brittany in all of her endeavors, it remains to be seen how they’ll fare when the Spiders match up with the Rams. There’s a long summer in front of them to brace for that potential crisis.

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