How to help your student soar through SOLs

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In the coming weeks, schools across Virginia will start taking the spring SOL tests. Some Henrico schools have already started and Chesterfield begins on Monday.

Parents, if you haven’t already received a letter from your child’s school about the upcoming SOLs, you probably will very soon.

In Richmond, testing goes from May 19 to June 5 for third, fourth and fifth graders. In Chesterfield, students between third and eighth grade will be taking their SOLs from May 11 and June 5. Students in Henrico (also those in between third and eighth grade) test between May 4 and May 29.

Of course, all moms and dads want their kids to do well the first time around! So, we have some tips to help you make sure they’re doing their very best.

Right now in school, students are reviewing material for the SOLs, but if you want them to get some extra time in at home there are several practice items on the Virginia Department of Education website. Click HERE to be redirected to the DOE’s site.

Pre-test anxiety is normal. Experts suggest you encourage your kids to relax and know trying their best is the most important thing.

Some simple ways to help them be successful on test day:

  • Make sure kids get a good night’s sleep the night before testing.
  • A good breakfast is a good brain booster and will help them stay focused.
  • Don’t forget last-minute supplies like pencils and extra paper.

Some elementary and middle school students who fail these exams will be able to retake them before the end of the school year. The retake is optional and does not affect grades.

To be eligible for a retake, students must fail by a narrow margin or because of special circumstances.  Kids will not be able to retake the 8th grade writing test.

Students are expected to retest in Chesterfield between May 19 to June 12. Retesting dates in Henrico are set for June 1 to June 12. Students in Richmond will receive a letter from their school if they are eligible for retaking SOLs.

Click HERE to learn more from the DOE.

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