16-year-old minister to preach at #NotMyCity rally Friday in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va, (WRIC) – A local teen minister is organizing a huge social justice rally this Friday in Richmond as a response to recent events in Baltimore. He will be preaching at Friday Bight Fire, #NotMyCity event to unite the community, and make sure something like that never happens here.

“I felt now is the time for young people to stand up. The Bible speaks about a generation dying off, and a generation of young people rising up,” said Devonte Coles.

Coles, 16, hopes to lead his generation. He’s teaming up with D.M.C. Global Ministries to put on the event.

“Let the world now that we are here, we do care. And we want to see a difference.”

Massive protests broke out in Baltimore following Freddie Gray’s hospitalization and subsequent death in police custody. Six Baltimore officers are charged in connection to his death.

“Whatever is happening elsewhere in the world is not going to happen here. You’re not going to have another young African American male or any race killed here in Richmond,” said Coles.

The sophomore at James River High School became a licensed minister when he was just 13 years old. He’s always had a passion for helping young people, and inspiring them to leave a mark.

“Let’s have a changing moment now before anything else happens that will dictate our future and what we will go through in life,” he said.

He hopes at least 500 community members, police, church leaders and government officials will join on Friday.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on with social injustice, whether that be with the policemen or other people–whether it be in the schools, at the churches or at the jobs, we want to end it period.”

The discussion begins at 7 p.m. at Unlimited Power Transformation Church at 110 N. Laburnum Avenue in Richmond.

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