Parents share concerns over ongoing odor problem at Cary Elementary School

A foul odor continues to cause problems at Richmond’s John B. Cary Elementary School.

It has been plaguing the building for more than a year, and no one knows what is causing it. On April 29, parents demanded answers at a specially called meeting in the school’s cafeteria.

Multiple parents reported nose bleeds, vomiting, rashes and other symptoms in their children, but the city says it has checked the school’s air ducts, septic pipes, and tested air samples. According to test results by France Environmental, there is no risk to students’ health.

“The tests that we have run do not indicate a source that would cause those kinds of problems,” said Assistant Superintendent Tommy Kranz.

Some parents say they find it hard to believe their children are safe when the cause of the odor has not been identified.

School board member Mamie Taylor shays workers have two weeks to get to the source of the stench, students will have to be split up at as many as eight other schools in the city.

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