Hampton puppy stolen during burglary

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton family is heartbroken after someone broke into their home and stole their puppy.

“To me, it’s like a kidnapping. It’s like taking a family member,” Ralph White said.

White came home from work around 8 p.m. Friday. When he got to his Byrd Street house, he could tell things weren’t right. The front door knob was knocked off, so he went around back.

“They came up to this door and kicked this door in,” White said. There was damage to to door frame, but that can’t even compare to pain tearing White up inside.

“I can’t even explain to you how this has affected me and my family,” White said. “I’m just distraught.”

The only thing taken from the home was the family’s 12-week-old Yorkie, Lucky. “They could have taken anything in the house. I wouldn’t even have cared.”

Police took fingerprints and are looking for the person responsible. In the meantime, White is doing his own investigation. He’s hung flyers in the neighborhood, hoping for a tip.

“What kind of person violates somebody else’s property?” White asked.  “As you know, as time goes on, the window starts closing. The possibility of him being returned could get slimmer and slimmer, as the days go on.”

White said all he wants is the dog back. His family has been checking the internet just to make sure the dog isn’t listed for sale. White told 10 On Your Side, if someone bought the dog, he’s willing to reimburse the money.

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