Photo captures moment sea lion attacks California man

An image shows a sea lion attacking Carmel Valley, Calif. resident Dan Carlin. (Photo courtesy Dan Carlin via ABC News)

One moment, Dan Carlin was posing with his latest catch.

Then in the next moment, the Carmel Valley, California man worried he might be in trouble when a sea lion attacked and pulled him overboard.

“Flipped my legs up into the water and I went straight down,” Carlin told ABC affiliate station KGTV in San Diego.

Carlin had been enjoying a day out on the water with his wife, Trish, when the attack happened. He was posing with his catch and a big grin for a photo when the sea lion latched onto his hand and the fish, pulling him underneath.

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

Trish says she started screaming before Dan eventually broke free.

“Just before I got to the surface I felt him biting my foot,” he told KGTV.

Trish steered the boat to the dock, and her husband later received medical care. They remain fearful of sea lions.

“We intentionally don’t feed the seals, we don’t feed the birds. We take the carcasses and all the remains and put them in a bucket,” Trish Carlin said.

Her husband said, “I feel very lucky to be alive.”

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