Henrico middle school field trip affected by Baltimore unrest

Fallout from the riots in Baltimore is hitting close to home for a group of Henrico County students.

Students at Holman Middle School were set to take a field trip there this week.

“That scares me to send my child up there because you don’t know what they’re going into and it’s all right there in that area,” says parent Jodi Bauer.

Her son is part of a group of band and strings students who planned to visit the Baltimore Aquarium on Friday morning and then the Kennedy Center in Washington on Friday afternoon.

The trip has been in the works for months.

On Tuesday morning, school administrators canceled the Baltimore leg of that field trip.

Explains Henrico Schools Spokesperson Andy Jenks, “It was a school decision. A very quick and common sense decision that at this point in time it’s not appropriate to be visiting the city of Baltimore for purposes of a field trip.”

8News spoke with a number of parents who were relieved to learn their children would not be put in harm’s way.

Some insisting if the trip hadn’t been canceled, they wouldn’t have let their kids go anyway.

“I wouldn’t want him to go because it’s too scary. It’s too risky and he’s my baby and I don’t want anything to happen to him,” adds Bauer.

We reached out to other districts. None had any field trips to Baltimore planned this week.

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