British couple could be oldest newlyweds in the world

George Kirby and Doreen Luckie pictured at their home in Eastbourn, Sussex, April 24, 2015. (Photo: Tony Kershaw/ via ABC News)

This U.K. couple is defying limits — age limits, that is!

Doreen Luckie, 91, is engaged to her 102-year-old boyfriend, George Kirby. When the pair wed this June, their combined age will be 194, potentially making the couple the oldest newlyweds in the world.

“I didn’t think that was possible. Because you hear so many people living into their hundreds now, and lots of people in their nineties, I thought, ‘Well, we can’t be the only ones,’” Luckie told Metro UK, which first reported the story.

The record for “oldest couple to marry, aggregate age” is based on “the combined number of years and days both individuals had lived to taken at the day of marriage,” Kristen Ott, a representative for Guinness World Records, told ABC News.

While Luckie and Kirby have submitted their application for the record, they’ll still need to submit evidence from the day of the marriage for review. The organization is a stickler for paperwork.

When Lillian Hartley and Allan Marks of Indio, California, wed in 2012 with more than 193 combined years under their belts, many news outlets, including ABC News, reported the couple as having broken the previous record set by a French couple in 2002.

As it turned out, though, Hartley and marks may have been too distracted by their honeymoon…

“Lillian and Allan were never recognized as it seems they never submitted a formal application,” Ott said. “All record attempts must be submitted through our application process in order to be recognized.”

Francois Fernandez and Madeline Francineau, who exchanged vows in 2002 at a rest home, Le Foyer du Romarin, in Clapiers, France, are currently recognized by Guinness World Records as the record-holder in this category with 190 years 126 days between them at the time of their vows.

Luckie and Kirby will be married at their residence, the Langham Hotel, owned by Kirby’s son, in Eastbourne, East Sussex June 13.

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