ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation celebrates anniversary by breaking world record

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary at The Diamond on Saturday. The non-profit supports hundreds of local children with cancer and their families every year.

It started in the morning when 1,800 people came out for the annual 5k walk/run, which raised about $154,000.

Mackenzie Levi is one of the thousands of kids ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation has helped in the battle against cancer.

“When I was 2 I had brain cancer,” she said.

On Saturday, she joined dozens of others survivors to celebrate the group’s 40th anniversary.

The rain canceled the baseball game, but Squirrels players still wore special blue and yellow ASK uniforms that will eventually be auctioned off.

“It is hard, and it’s very scary because you don’t know what to expect. But they make it easy. They’re friendly, they’re there for you to talk,” said Jennifer Lopez, whose daughter is a cancer survivor.

ASK also provides financial aid and several programs like after school tutoring.

“To help kids deal with the late effects of chemo on their school work, on their academic. It’s also a great place for them to be together with other kids who’ve been through treatment and kind of commiserate and lean on each other,” said Victoria Levi.

“They’re there the whole way through with games for the kids, volunteers to play with the kids,” said Lopez.

For the anniversary, the non-profit attempted to break a world record by creating the world’s largest awareness ribbon. They used a total of 7,000 feet and 70 pounds of ribbon.

“Until you’re diagnosed, you don’t really know what to expect. And then once you are diagnosed, you kinda feel like you’re on an island, so they are there to tell you there are other people going through the same thing,” said Bill Heyer, a cancer survivor.

Guiness World Records still has to certify ASK’s attempt to make the largest awareness ribbon, but organizers are confident they broke the record.

Learn more about ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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