Tiger cub trio born at Columbus Zoo

(Photo: Columbus Zoo)

(WRIC) — The population of the Columbus Zoo in Ohio has grown by three after the birth of three male Amur tiger cubs.

(Photo: Columbus Zoo)
(Photo: Columbus Zoo)

The newborns, who are more commonly known as Siberian tigers, weigh only 2.5 pounds. But these boys won’t be small for long — adult male Amur tigers can weigh up to 700 pounds. (Wowza!)

The tiger trio are currently in an incubator at the zoo’s Animal Health Care Center, where they’re being cared for by zoo staff after the cubs’ mother failed to show maternal care and nurse them.

When kittens are born, they are deaf, blind and completely dependent on their mom for food, warmth, and protection. If a mother doesn’t provide care, then the staff intervenes.

(Photo: Columbus Zoo)
(Photo: Columbus Zoo)

It has yet to be said when visitors will be able to see the cubs.

The three new additions makes 10 Amur tigers in total at the Columbus Zoo, according to 8News’ affiliate ABC 6.

(Photo: Columbus Zoo)
(Photo: Columbus Zoo)

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