“Be kind, be a champion.” 8News Anchor Amy Lacey reveals keys to career success, living a graceful life

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – In an interview with popular blog The J. Jane Project, 8News’ own Amy Lacey shared nuggets of wisdom she has gained during her broadcast career. When asked how to get ahead in life, her biggest piece of advice was to be kind.

Lacey discussed how she evolved from a “painfully shy” girl into the anchorwoman she is today.

“I knew I would have to work harder than everyone else, so I started pursuing it as early as I could. I had several unpaid internships in television, radio and public relations throughout college,” said Lacey.

Living each day to the fullest is one thing Lacey says she’s learned early on about working in the news business.  “The first time I responded to the scene of a major interstate crash was very sobering and a huge eye opener for me – just how precious life is, and you realize you’re not the one in charge,” said Lacey.

Lacey feels that making a difference in the community is her greatest responsibility as an anchorwoman. She said, “I want this community to know how invested I am in it. I truly care about the people living here and want to help make our region the best it can be. I am passionate about helping nonprofits and lend my services as often as I can when they need an emcee for one of their events or a speaker.”

When speaking to high school students, Lacey encourages them not to wait until college to explore their career choices. She also tells them to be proactive in college and start applying to job opportunities once they declare a major.

“No matter what you do, there is a lot of competition. You always have to look for ways to give yourself an edge and build your resume,” said Lacey.

She ends the interview with some information on how to live a graceful life. Lacey’s advice is to “Be kind. Forgive. Love. Be a champion for yourself and everyone around you.”

Be sure to catch Amy Lacey only on 8News.




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