Pup gets life-changing surgery after a lifetime of crawling

Roscoe the dog was born with a rare deformity in his wrists, but he's learning to walk thanks to the help of a North Carolina vet. (Photo: WLOS)

A rescued pit bull is ‘tap dancing’ with joy, in the words of his owner, after having reconstructive surgery to fix a rare deformity that left him only capable of crawling.

Roscoe was born with a deformity that left his front legs partially bent backwards under his wrists, according to 8News’ ABC News affiliate WLOS-TV in Asheville, North Carolina. As a result, the pup was forced to walk on his wrists as the front part of his legs bent backward like “flippers.”

Dr. David Crouch, a veterinarian, was able to help Roscoe walk by performing surgery to fix the deformity.

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He was “trying to walk on the tops of his wrists and created bloody sores,” Crouch told WLOS-TV.

The Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina raised more than $3,000 for the pup to pay for the surgery.

After the surgery, Roscoe quickly transitioned from “baby steps” to a graceful gait with his casts.

“For the first couple of days he was really wobbly on his stilts,” Roscoe’s foster parent, Laurel York told WLOS-TV. “He’s managing to walk around on his little stilts.”

Crouch told WLOS-TV that he’s heartened Roscoe has made such a drastic recovery in such a short period of time. He says that Roscoe’s walking on his toes in his casts sounds like a tap dancer in the midst of a jig.

“You kind of tap dance like Fred Astaire right now,” Crouch told the pup.

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