“Oversharenting” possibly taking over social media

ABC News

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

While scrolling down your newsfeed on social networks, you may notice parents constantly posting pictures of their children.  “Oversharenting” is the name for this photo sharing phenomenon.

Many parents share very personal parenting moment on their social media websites. You may see their children wearing cute outfits, being potty trained, or even witness their child’s first words.

With the popularity of “Oversharenting” comes backlash.

“I wasn’t posting anything horrible or inappropriate,” said Jade Ruthven.

Ruthven received an anonymous letter in the mail bashing her for posting too much about her baby Addy on Facebook saying, “She crawls off the mat we don’t care” and “She’s six-months-old big deal!”

After reading the letter multiple times, Ruthven felt like she was being bullied.

She posted the letter on her Facebook and it’s gone viral.

“All I wanted to do was just try and shame them out. Little did I know that it would go all around the world,” said Ruthven.

People began to post encouraging comments on her Facebook page about the letter she received.

“I wasn’t going to go sit in the corner and start taking myself off Facebook, the total opposite’s gonna happen,” said Ruthven.

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