Girl with rare genetic disorder receives support from strangers at birthday party

ABC News

A young Minnesota girl invited her classmates to her 10th birthday party and not one of them said ‘yes’.

Mackenzie Moretter has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos syndrome and her parents say the disorder makes it hard for Mackenzie to make friends.

After none of her classmates accepted her invite, Mackenzie’s mom decided to ask in a few Facebook groups for girls around Mackenzie’s age to attend the party.


“I originally invited 10 girls three weeks prior, but we got two cancellations and the other girls’ moms didn’t RSVP at all,” said Mackenzie’s mother, Jenny Moretter. “It’s happened to her on previous birthdays where we would end up sitting alone with family. I didn’t want it to happen to my daughter again this year.”

What Jenny didn’t expect was 400 strangers to show up to Mackenzie’s birthday party.

Throughout the day many guest showed up, including Minnesota Vikings player Charles Johnson and his family, “Elsa” and “Snoopy” from a local amusement park, and local firemen.


ABC News
ABC News
ABC News
ABC News

“There was a DJ, arts and crafts tables, balloons for kids, a bubble machine where kids could run through, and local businesses donated food and supplies,” Moretter said. “I was amazed at how quickly the community pulled together this huge birthday party in less than 24 hours.”

ABC Photo
ABC News

Jenny added that a few of the original 10 girls invited actually stopped by to apologize and wish Mackenzie a happy birthday.

Some of the guest traveled from Wisconsin to attend the party.  Mackenzie said this was the best birthday of her life.

“I just want people to know they should accept their children for who they are,” Moretter said. “And for kids who see other kids alone, I’d love to encourage them to go say hi and definitely not make fun of them. I hope parents educate their children more and that this can be a learning project for everybody.”

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