Fate of Elkhardt Middle School students still up in the air

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — What to do with Elkhardt Middle School students who were moved out of their school because of mold problems? Many hoping for a vote Monday night were disappointed when Richmond’s School Board delayed the decision.

Instead, the Assistant Superintendent presented the proposal — but no formal action was taken. Rather, the school board scheduled a public hearing on the issue.

The plan means Elkhardt Students would leave current class rooms at Clark Springs behind, and then co-habitate with students at Thompson Middle School. Even that plan is just a short term fix, though.

“In three years, Thompson from a capacity standpoint will be over,” said Assistant Superintendent Tommy Kranz.

By then, school officials are hoping a brand new school will be built for both student bodies to move into.

Parents of Elkhardt students aren’t happy about it.

“Thompson might be a good school, but it’s still over crowded I think. I think if they leave them here it’s going to be okay,” said Belinda Henley a grandparent of an Elkhardt Student.

Parents aren’t alone in their concerns. Students even say they are happy where they are.

“I like this school better, even though it’s small it helps out better. And the teachers they are all together and they can teach better and stuff and we can have more help and stuff,” said Kemon Harvey a student at Elkhardt.

School officials reminded everyone that we’re just weeks away from the end of the school year, and planning for next year is already underway.

“In addition there are a number of academic things as far as constructing master schedules, beginning the staffing levels and so forth and so that was the purpose of bringing forth this recommendation tonight,” said Kranz.

A public comment period and a likely vote is scheduled for May 4th.

If the schools do combine, less staff would be needed so the School Board and staff will have to figure out how to consolidate the 2 school staffs.

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