WATCH: Teen w/ down syndrome’s heartwarming reaction to getting first job

Ben Sunderman will start his first job in August, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Sunderman, a 19-year-old from Texas who has down syndrome, watched the mailbox for days waiting to find out whether he got the position he applied for with Embassy Suites hotel.

When the letter came, his mother, Sharon Sunderman, caught Ben’s heartwarming reaction on camera.

Ben begins by calmly reading the letter aloud.

When he got to the end, his mother asked, “What does that mean, Ben? Did you get it?”

The elated teenager throws his arm in the air and shouts, “I get it! I get a job!”

He then runs over for a couple double high-fives a hug from his proud father.

Sharon Sunderman told ABC News that Ben applied for the job through Project Search, which helps children with disabilities transition from high school into the work force.

Sharon Sunderman said she couldn’t accompany Ben on his interview, but she learned he told the interviewers that he had three goals: “To get a job, to build his muscles and find a girlfriend,” she said.

Beginning in August, Ben will take public transportation from his family’s home in Mckinney to the hotel for eight-hour shifts.

“Set your expectations high,” Sharon Sunderman said to other parents of children with disabilities. “We just always encouraged him to do everything he could do. He does his laundry like his siblings, makes his bed like his siblings. There is joy.”

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