8News investigates: Residents fed up with illegal trash dumping in their neighborhood

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond residents are fed up with the illegal dumping going on in their neighborhood.

It’s happening in the 2100 block of Phaup St., where trash can be seen dumped in their yard and in a city alley.

You can see old couches, chairs and mattresses, which is just some of the trash being dumped on a homeowner’s property.

“It looks like the city dump,” said a neighboring resident who asked not to be identified.

Added another neighbor, William Daniel, says it’s an eyesore.

“It’s nasty and somebody needs to be responsible for it,” Daniel said. “It just makes the neighborhood look so down.”

Daniel also worries that neighborhood kids might get hurt playing in it.

The woman who owns the home where part of the trash is being dumped is elderly.

Her son says she’s complained to the city.

“Couches, furniture, I guess whatever they dump out they just dump it here,” the woman said.

Another neighbor who asked not to be identified says people appear to be dumping the trash overnight. She says city crews have come out to clean up the mess, but…

“It will stay clean for about two or three weeks, and then it’s back again, steadily piling up,” she said.

Added Daniel, “I want somebody to take responsibility and say we are not going to that area, we are going to go to where we need to- Richmond City yard.”

8News investigative reporter Kerri O’Brien sent photos of the trash to the city; they told her they will send an inspector out.

We’ll keep you posted on this developing story.

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