Hanover residents fighting massive proposed development

HANOVER, Va. (WRIC) — Hanover residents are fighting a massive development that may go up right next door. The nearly 120-acre site would include hundreds of new homes, restaurants, a grocery store, and retail space.

“This is our only way out and in of our subdivision and we’re worried that it’s going to cause problems for us being able to enter and leave,” said Nancy McCuiston, pointing to the entrance in front of her home to Pearson’s Corner.

The county is considering a mixed-use development along US 301 and New Ashcake Road. It includes 130 townhomes, 295 apartment units and 116 homes. Office and retail space, including a grocery store, would take up about 300,000 square feet.

“It’ll affect everybody in the way of traffic,” said McCuiston.

Opposed residents say there’s no need for hundreds of new homes and worry about keeping their neighborhood clean.

“I’ve noticed a lot of times when they have retail, a lot of trash gets loose, I don’t think people intentionally do it, but you get the plastic bag trash,” said McCuiston.

It will generate significant tax revenues to Hanover County, we believe there is a demand of all of these products that are high end,” said Jim Theobald, chairman of Hirschler Fleischer.

Theobald represents the developer- Edge Development. He says they’ve had several public meetings, and most of the feedback has been positive.

“We believe the infrastructure is in place, we have done an extensive traffic study, which has been reviewed both by the county and VDOT. The roads can handle the anticipated development with fairly minor improvements–some turning lanes and the installation of additional traffic light,” he said.

“Yeah, they’ve done a study, but what’s going to happen down the road when they actually put it in there?” said McCuiston.

The plan will go to the Planning Commission on May 21 and will then head to the Board of Supervisors, who have the final say.

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