Full Statement from the Gentil family

The tragic events that led to the death of Ms. Elizabeth Pryor have broken the hearts of her family, colleagues, and students. And they have broken our hearts, as well. We join the extended Pryor family and the University of Richmond family in mourning her death and offer our sincerest condolences and prayers. Their loss is our loss, and one we will feel deeply, forever.

Our family member, Robert Gentil, will be held accountable to this community. In time, the community will learn that the events giving rise to this tragedy were not the product of conscious, reckless conduct, nor were the consequences fueled by alcohol or drugs. Rather they were the culmination of a mental health condition with which Robert and his family have struggled for a decade and believed had appropriately addressed. We know this reality will not lessen the loss of Ms. Pryor or diminish the pain of her absence. It may, though, place in a more understandable context this unforeseeable tragedy.

With Deepest Sorrow,
The Gentil Family

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