Marine and bomb sniffing dog reunite


COLUMBUS, Ohio –The waiting is the hardest part, and Marine Corporal veteran Seth Hill has been waiting almost three years.

But when a United flight from Chicago landed, the wait was over. His military service dog Bbazy was coming into Port Columbus on a flight.

When Hill was in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012, Bbazy was his dog, an I.E.D. sniffing dog.

She saved his life.

“We were in Afghanistan for I would say five and a half months, you get complacent, she didn’t find anything then all of a sudden boom,” he said. “I was out on patrol and she found something.”

It happened again, and again.

“She found three IEDs.”

Who knows how many lives Bbazy saved, tonight she’s making one man, a Marine, very happy.

“How are you. How are you, you’re so skinny. you’re so skinny…how are you baby” he said while letting her out of her cage tonight at the baggage claim area.

Bbazy has come home to a place she’s never been before.

“The bond you have with the dog is like no other. I mean your dog, any canine lover knows what I’m talking about especially a dog handler in the military.”

The two haven’t seen each other since he left her at an air base in Texas.

Despite the TV cameras, the lights, and the strangers, there seemed to be something there.

“Good girl, good girl, good girl,” he said to her while walking her out of the airport. Her tail was wagging and him smiling.

She had a bad leg infection when she left Afghanistan and she’s not a pup anymore, she’s 10-years-old.

If not for an organization called Mission K9 Rescue which gets military dogs to their handlers, this night wouldn’t have happened.

“Honestly, I didn’t know if it was going to be the last time I saw her, I really didn’t.”

Now they go home to Kentucky together.

No more bombs, no more being away from home, no more being apart.

“Ready to get it over with ready to get her and get home, throw some ball with her.”

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