Hero rescues driver from car dangling off cliff

Photo: Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune via AP

Mathew Sitko was hanging on for dear life. Literally.

An incredible photo captured a good Samaritan in Idaho rescuing Sitko from his vehicle as it was was dangling over the edge of a cliff. A damaged chain link fence was the only thing holding Sitko’s 2000 GMC Yukon from sliding over the edge.

During the incident, Lewistown police witnessed the man pull off the daring rescue, but were unable to get his name after the man told the police he had to.

The rescuer was later identified as 20-year-old Jason Warnock after his photo surfaced in local newspapers.

Warnock told police that after he noticed debris in the roadway while driving, he then observed the SUV hanging off the cliff.

Warnock approached the vehicle and attempted to break the passenger-side window with a Leatherman multi-tool, but was unable to crack the glass. He was able to calm Sitko enough, though, to get him to roll the window down so he could pull him out to safety.

As for his abrupt departure from the accident, Warnock told police he was on the clock and needed to get back to work when officers arrived. He admitted he was also trying to avoid attention.

So much for that, as he is receiving national attention for his heroics.

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