Cat recovering after being shot with arrow

City of Sedgwick Facebook Page

SEDGWICK, Kansas – A cat name Archer, who was shot by an arrow, is still recovering according to the Sedgwick Veterinary Clinic. The cat was shot on Tuesday in Sedgwick, Kansas in the vicinity of Lincoln Street.

The arrow went through the side of his cheek and about an inch behind his eye according to the Sedgwick Veterinary Clinic. The clinic removed the arrow, patched the wound and put the cat on pain medication. They say he is doing just fine and should recover in about a week.

“Fortunately for him, the arrow went right under the skin, got a little bit of fat tissue, but it didn’t harm any muscle or anything important, it missed all the important structures, his eye is fine, didn’t hit his jugular, which was fairly close,” said Dr. Kate Jacob, Sedgwick Veterinary Clinic. “He could have been a whole lot worse.”

No one has come forward to claim the cat. The people who brought him in say they have seen the cat roaming their neighborhood, and he has no microchip.

If you know anything about the shooting, please notify the Sedgwick Police Department. There is a $100 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Many have expressed interest in adopting the cat once he recovers.

“It is really nice to see so many people step forward. We’ve had a lot of really nice calls, inquiries about him, we’ve had a lot of donations to help cover the cost of his care,” said Jacob.

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