Richmonders join nationwide ‘Fight for $15’ protests over fast food jobs, low-wage work

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Fast food workers in Richmond will join others from around the country today in demonstrations to demand higher wages.

Organizers across the nation are planning their biggest day of protests yet, demanding $15 an hour pay and a union for fast-food and other low-wage workers.

The push on Wednesday comes just two weeks after McDonald’s announced a pay bump for workers at its company-owned stores, suggesting the chain is also moving to take control of its image as an employer.

The Fight for $15 campaign is being spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union and began in late 2012 with fast-food workers. Since then, organizers have used the spotlight to rally a variety of low-wage workers, including airport workers, home care workers and adjunct professors. They say the demonstrations Wednesday will be in more than 230 U.S. cities and college campuses.

8News has a crew on scene of the protests here in the city. Stay with us for the latest updates.

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