Fight for $15: Locals take part in national protest to raise minimum wage

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Fast food workers and others rallied for higher wages in Richmond on Monday as part of the national ‘Fight for $15″ protest.

8News reporter Claudia Rupcich spoke to a few supporters who gathered at Monroe Park. Their message is clear: They want to get paid $15 an hour.

These are people who say they are sick of being underpaid.

The ‘Fight for $15’ movement started two-and-a-half years ago in New York City, and has since spread throughout the country and the world.

Several rallies took place all over on Wednesday. Altogether, it is said to be one of the largest ever fast food strikes and the most widespread mobilization of underpaid workers.

People are joining the fight from all industries, including home care, child care, airport services, retail and academic jobs.

A mother who makes roughly $9 an hour as a home care worker says it’s almost impossible to support her family.

“I may have to sacrifice getting groceries to pay a bill because I don’t have enough money,” Brenda Cosby. “Or I just have to pay a little bit at a time on each bill so I won’t get nothing cut off.”


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