VOTE: Is the cat going up or down the stairs? Viral photo confuses the internet

(Photo: ABC News)

Just as soon as the internet got over whether “The Dress” is white and gold or blue and black, another viral debate has been sparked — this time, by a photo of a cat on a set of stairs.

The picture shows the cat halfway through a set of stairs, but it’s difficult to be able to tell whether the kitty is going up or down the stairs.

Tell us below in our poll: What do you see?

The photo has received over 24,000 views on Imgur in six days and prompted nearly 7,000 comments when it was posted on

“Down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs,” wrote one commenter, whose avatar was, conveniently, a cat.

“I would say this cat is going up as it looks a bit up and forward. When cats go down, they look where they’re stepping, i.e. down,” wrote another.

People also naturally took to Twitter to debate, with seemingly no resolution in sight.

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