This is what 500 corgis on a beach look like

(Photos from left to right: Twitter/madisonpurnell; Twitter/ocregister; Twitter/yolispeace)

It’s hard to resist a corgi — but imagine 500 of them all in the same place at the same time. Phew!

Hundreds of owners of the famously short and stubby breed descended on Huntington Beach, California, on Saturday afternoon for the ninth-annual Corgi Beach Day. Pups waddled, splashed and rolled in sand during the four-hour event, which trended on Twitter under #SoCalCorgiBeachDay.

An estimated 500 or so corgis turned up for the gathering. Some of the pooches came dressed in costume, including Instagram stars Dale Corgi and Luna Snookums.

insta dale corg

Some of the dogs relaxed in the water while others basked in attention, making a splash in adorable outfits.


And of course, many made new friends while in attendance.

insta corg

zoey and teddy


By the end, we imagine they were all as sleepy as this pup:

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