Newman accused of tire bleeding, NASCAR hands out punishments

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — NASCAR docke Ryan Newman 75 points Tuesday, which sent him from 6th place to 27th place in the Sprint Cup standings, after NASCAR deemed he and his Richard Childress Racing team had manipulated tires this season.

The practice of tire bleeding involves drilling a tiny hole into the tires. This allows air to escape little by little. During a race, tires heat up, causing tire pressure to rise. This increases the wear on the tires and also decreases the handling ability of a stock car. By allow air to seep out, the tire pressure remains low, which allows for longer tire usage and better control throughout the race.

NASCAR confiscated the tires of eight teams after the March 22 Auto Club 400 at Fontana, California. Newman is the only driver to be penalized so far.

Along with Newman’s loss of points, NASCAR docked RCR 75 owner points and fined Newman’s crew chief Luke Lambert $125,000 while also suspending Lambert for six races. NASCAR suspended multiple other crew members for multiple races as well.

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