Antarctica may have set record for hottest day at 63.5°

Photo: WXedge

ANTARCTICA (WTNH)– Antarctica is trending for possibly experiencing the warmest day ever with a temperature recorded at 63.5º Fahrenheit last Tuesday . Yes that’s right, Antarctica was warmer than it has been in Connecticut.

The temperature was recorded at Argentina’s Esperanza Base on the northern tip of the Antarctica Peninsula. According to the Weather Underground, this peninsula is one of the fastest warming spots on Earth.

Before last week’s heat wave, Monday the temperature there was recorded at 62.8° F, the highest temperature on the continent was 62.8° Fahrenheit, which was recorded in 1961.

Researchers seem to agree that you can’t draw conclusions from just one weather event but instead have to look for a trend in temperatures. However, according to TIME, some of Antarctica’s floating ice shelves are 18% thinner than they were two decades ago and scientists report that they are thinning at steep rates that are accelerating over time.

The World Meteorological Organization still has examine whether the area was indeed in Antarctica before this heat record becomes official.

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