#WeAreHaileyStrong: Nation rallies behind Midlothian teen who suffered heart attack

The nation is rallying behind a Midlothian teen who suffered a devastating heart attack.

Hailey Lane was home for spring break when her heart failed.

That was on March 23rd.

Since then, thousands of people have posted their support for Hailey on social media.

It started with a simple photo of the teen’s neighbors on Facebook.

Hailey’s twin sister Savannah Lane explains they were, “Holding up signs, we are Hailey strong and it happened to be in yellow which is Hailey’s favorite color and it just has taken over.”

The support is overwhelming and coming from all corners of the country.

The Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Team posed with signs “we are hashtag Hailey strong.”

College swim teams from California to North Carolina also showed their love.

Total strangers rallying behind Hailey hope it helps her family as well.

“To have that support has honestly been the one thing that has helped me you know just keep pushing through and being that support for Hailey,” says Savannah.

Hailey was working out at a Midlothian health club when she suffered a massive heart attack last week. Nurses at the gym saved her life.

Doctors don’t know why it happened.

She’s only 19, an air force cadet and a competitive swimmer with a bright future.

Right now a machine is keeping her heart beating.

Hailey’s twin says her sister is a fighter who’s condition is improving.

“Just to have her open her eyes has been wonderful. So it’s the little things, it’s those baby steps and I know in my heart that Hailey’s going to get through this however long it takes,” adds Savannah.

The twins turn 20 on Friday. The family intends to celebrate with a birthday party in Hailey’s hospital room.

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