Water company says brown water is safe to drink

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some concerned Caroline County residents called 8News because their tap water has been coming out brown.

“It’s definitely not something that I want to put in my body,” says Sarah Bostaph. “It leaves you just feeling kind of slimy afterwards.”

Bostaph says the issue has been intermittently occuring over the last few months at the Lake Caroline subdivision.

“I came out and thought there was rust in my water heater so I got my water heater replaced,” says Bostaph.

Bostaph later found out her neighbors were dealing with the same issue. She says she’s had to buy water for herself and her pets. Auqa Virginia is the water company for the subdivision.

“Aqua acquired the system in Lake Caroline approximately six months ago, and it’s had a lot of legacy water quality and pressure issues,” says Shannon Becker, the president of the company.

Becker says even a slight change in water pressure could stir up elements in the pipes and cause the water to look  discolored.

“We understand that the water may not look very nice, but it is very safe to use. We  do our own testing on our side, the location of the customers, and that’s periodically I think a couple of times a month. The county also does the testing that they’re required to do, and I’ve been reassured that the levels of testing are showing that the water is safe to drink,” says Becker.

Becker also says the company is currently undergoing a major renovation and when that’s complete, the issues should go away. However, the renovations will not be complete until this summer. That means the issue may continue to periodically appear.

“This is something that’s a little more serious than just a leaky faucet. They should be doing something to remedy the situation other than coming out and flushing the pipes after we have already had this dirty water,” says Bostaph.

Stay with 8News for updates in this developing story.

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