Philadelphia groom celebrates bachelor party with cross-country ‘crasher’

Joey DiJulio and Jeff Minetti (Photo: ABC News)

A Philadelphia man celebrated his bachelor party with sandwiches, a duck tour, basketball and a very special guiest: his cross-country “party crasher” pal.

“Yesterday was fantastic,” Jeff Minetti told ABC News. “It was everything I wanted and more.”

“It went great,” the party crasher, Joey DiJulio, agreed. “Just to be able to finally put a live face to the name and the voice, was really awesome.”

It all started when a mistake by Minetti, a 34-year-old real estate agent in Philadelphia, included DiJulio of Burien, Washington, on a group email chain to plan Minetti’s bachelor party, the groom-to-be told ABC News earlier this month.

“I spelled one of my buddies’ names wrong,” Minetti said.

DiJulio saw the group’s emails, according to a Go Fund Me page he set up, and then responded:

“So, I have no idea who any of you guys are, but I have been enjoying being a fly on the wall hearing about the plans for this bachelor party over the last few months … I live out in Seattle, WA and although for a moment I thought it might be funny to just show up and be that guy nobody knows but everyone wonders ‘who is that guy?’ buying a plane ticket for a cross-country flight just to crash a bachelor’s party might be a bit over the top (although it would be epic!). Nonetheless, I do hope you guys have a great time and I’d like to take a moment to wish the best of luck in life to the groom!”

The response made Minetti laugh, so, “I, of course, invited him,” he said. And DiJulio was on board!

He set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for his trip to Philadelphia, and Minetti picked up his new friend at the airport on Friday.

DiJulio joined in on all of Saturday’s bachelor party festivities. The party began with a stop at Tony Luke’s, a sandwich shop. Then, they went on a duck tour of Philadelphia — DiJulio is a “history buff,” Minetti said. The pair continued the celebration with some basketball and shuffleboard, followed by a trip to the SugarHouse Casino.

The outgoing DiJulio fit in well with Minetti’s friends, he said.

“It was great for me to have everybody there. New friends, old friends. It meant a lot just to have every single person there. It’s great that he came in,” Minetti said.

“That’s been the coolest thing,” DiJulio said, “To have a whole new group of friends in the Philadelphia area. It’s just been an amazing experience.”

That’s not all, though, folks! After DiJulio exceeded his funding goal for the cross-country flight, he decided to put the extra money towards Minetti’s honeymoon to Italy.

“When I first started the campaign it was just to get me out here,” DiJulio said. “[But I thought] ‘What else could I do here?’ … What a nice wedding gift.”

“We’re very touched,” Minetti said. “For him to do this for us out of the blue is a total godsend.”

More than $8,000 has been raised so far.

“I can’t tell you how blessed we are that this happened,” Minetti said. “It’s so great to meet him and say ‘thank you’ in person. And just get to know him a little better.”

But will DiJulio be back for Minetti’s wedding on May 2?

“We’d love to have him,” Minetti said. “He’s got to.”

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