Man with down syndrome is surprised with personalized trike after theft

Photo: KHON

A Kailua man got quite a surprise on Wednesday thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of strangers.

He received a replacement for something that was stolen from him.

People who live or work in Kailua have seen the man riding around on his tricycle.

His name is Bryan McGuinness, and he has Down syndrome.

Over the weekend, his trike was stolen. You can imagine how devastated he was.

His family posted fliers, and even an ad on Craigslist — asking people to be on the lookout for the stolen trike. That post caught the eye of someone in the bike club named The Others.

So the group got together, pooled their money and bought Bryan a new trike… and added a lot of bells and whistles.

“We are so astounded by this. This is a bike club and we are very thankful. And Uncle B is very thankful that they were so generous in replacing his bike. It is a good samaritan story. And I thank them very much. And Uncle B does too,” said Bridget McGuinness.

“All the club started to chip in then Glenn, our bike builder over there, customize this so no one could steal this with his name on top everything. We just love bike riders,” said Joe from The Others Bike Club.

Bryan uses the trike to ride to the beach every day and to 7-Eleven on the weekends to get the newspaper.

So despite not getting his old trike back, there is a happy ending to this story, thanks to a group of strangers, and now friends.

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