Baby boy gets ‘too handsy’ during precious play date

(Photo: Reddit/Zacher89)

This baby girl might need to take a lesson from the rock band The Georgia Satellites by telling her neighbor, “Don’t give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.”

Even though his response right back might be, “B-B-B-baby baby baby why you wan’ treat me this way,” that’s OK because 8-month-old Harper’s daddy is there for backup to fend off all the little boys crawling her precious way.

“They’ve been hanging out for the past couple of weeks,” Zach Schmitt of Corpus Christi, Texas, told ABC News of his daughter and her buddy, Hayes.

“Hayes was born a month after Harper and we’ve been taking her over for little play dates. They love it.”

Schmitt’s wife, Melanie, “just got lucky,” when she was able to capture Harper’s sassy shock as baby Hayes attempts to make his way at second base.

“Harper’s started doing that little surprised face recently,” said Schmitt. “She always does it when she’s surprised or happy so right when he touched her she freaked out.”

The priceless photo has gone viral overnight with 1,390,000 views since it was just posted to Reddit yesterday.

As for Harper and her neighborhood crush, Hayes?

“I’m sure there’s something there in the future,” Schmitt joked.

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