Students petition, start crowdfunding effort for UVA student Martese Johnson

The Martese Johnson situation has students vowing to take action as a petition has been filed to bring further regulations to ABC agents.

One student has already reached out to law makers and even the Governor to make his proposal.

Sam Shirazi says he knows the ABC agents involved in the Martese Johnson incident have not been been accused with any wrong doing at this point, but he says he wishes there would be further restrictions on all ABC agents.

He and many others on campus say they want a greater focus on bars and restaurants who he says willingly allow underage drinking. He is writing a petition that he will start circulating soon. He has reached out to several law makers already, some have already contacted him showing their support.

“Certainly get them to focus more on these other more established businesses as opposed to individuals who are college students who may or may not be doing anything wrong,” said Shirazi.

In addition, a crowd funding site has been set up for Johnson by university alumni who, “are rallying support to help one of our own.”

A statement on the page reads:

We have established this fundraising campaign with a preliminary goal to help Martese in current and ongoing medical, publicity related and legal expenses associated with his criminal defense. Any and all funds donated that exceed Martese’s preliminary efforts will accrue to the long-term goal of fighting against Martese’s injustice and future social actions including scholarships, education efforts, legal defense funds for students in need and other organizations or causes of his choosing that are close to his heart.


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