Dog found alive eight days after New York house fire

After a house fire, most everything seems bleak. But a bright spot emerged for one family when their pooch, thought to be lost or dead after the fire, was found.

“There was a dog that was seen by police officers and firemen, that had his head poking out a window,” said Sgt. Matt Dearing of the Schenectady Police.

Named after the king of the gods himself, it was Zeus who survived the flames and eight days inside the shell of the building in Schenectady, New York. All it took was a slice of pizza to coax him out of the building.

Zeus’ owner Stacy Lydon said she was shocked to hear that her dog was found in such good condition.

“There weren’t even words for what went through my head,” she said.

Police contacted Lydon through a Facebook group and website dedicated to finding the missing pets lost in the fire.


Staci hopes the story of Zeus gives others reason to go on.

“Never give up hope, never,” she said.

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