Dominion customers outraged over latest electrical bills

“Something’s definitely not right.”

Dominion Virginia Power customer Timothy Davis says he runs a wood stove to heat his house and hasn’t used that much electricity so when he got his bill he felt something was wrong.

“I was hysteric man, it was crazy. Open that thing up and $423,” said Davis.

Davis is just one of a number of customers who told us they also had questions about their bill, some called Dominion for an explanation.

“Them telling us how much per kilowatt it was just didn’t add up to what our bill was reflecting,” said customer Jessica Gilchrist.

We went to Dominion looking for answers.

“Extreme back to back cold temperatures results in higher energy usage which results in higher energy bills,” said Dominion spokesperson Daisy Pridgen.

Pridgen says this February was 10 degrees colder than last year and the company broke its all time peak usage on February 20th. She says customers also need to keep in mind some of the high usage was the result of families staying home all day for multiple days in February. Still many are feeling the pain in their pocket books.

“It hurts me bad, I’m self employed and I’m a painter and things are slow during the winter,” said Davis.

“Can’t keep up with your bills if your bill is $200 for electricity alone,” said Gilchrist.

“We know that our customers, some of them are going to be facing some difficulties in paying their electric bill and there are ways that dominion can help and we want to help them,” said Pridgen.

Dominion says customers can get help with payment plans, or apply for assistance through their Energyshare program and get up to $600 for their heating bills. You can get more information by visiting these links.

Dominon also says that if you feel your bill is a mistake and the company determines it was unusually high they will investigate. Customers can call 866-DOM-HELP.


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