Varina residents pushing developer to fix major road, neighborhood issues

Henrico County is putting pressure on the developer at North James Estates to fix road problems.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Residents at the North James Estates off state Route 5 in Henrico County are demanding the subdivision’s developer repair several issues in the neighborhood.

“Our neighborhood is not even 3 years old and the roads are just nasty,” said Jennifer Smith.

Smith’s home sit on one of several a cul-de-sacs at North James Estates. In the center of most, you can see the road is crumbling and water and mud are have come up through cracks on the asphalt.

“You can’t really drive on it without having some sort of issue, you can’t run on it. It’s just not up to standard,” said resident Samuel Brown.

All along the neighborhood, there are more holes, more cracks, more problems.

“Water generally collects along the curb area. And when our drainage areas are, the water is standing,” said Brown.

Residents say the developer, Felts and Kilpatrick, isn’t taking care of the property, leaving construction equipment out for months and not attending to landscape at all.

“Porta-potties, dumpsters, these big green monstrosities that I don’t even know what they’re called, those big containers,” said Smith.

The county first heard about these issues when they met with residents about their concerns over a plan to bring a Family Dollar to a plot of land right in front of the neighborhood.

“They’re valid and good concerns, we want to make sure we address them all,” said Tim Foster, the Deputy County Manager for Community Operations.

Henrico County officials sent out inspectors to the subdivision and created a list of things the developer needs to fix. The developer has until the end of the month to come up with a plan.

“If we do not agree with the plan or if it appears they cannot make these improvements, we will then pull the bond and either do them ourselves or hire a private contractor with the money they put aside to make the improvements,” said Foster.

“I want them to come through with what they said, I want them to fix our driveway, I want them to fix our roads,” said Smith.

The developers say they’re working with the county to fix the problems.

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