Teens Arrested In Dogfighting Case After Pup Found Tied To Railroad Tracks, Shot

(Photo: Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service)

Two teens were arrested Wednesday in Florida on suspicion of shooting a dog and leaving her to die tied to a railroad track last week.

Police say the pooch, named Cabela, had been sold into illegal dog fighting. Apparently, Cabela was “too sweet-tempered” to fight, so the 17-year-olds decided to kill her, the Huffington Post reports.

The two suspects were identified as Natwan Callaway and Bobby Hollinger. They were charged as adults with trespassing and aggravated animal cruelty.

Officers found Cabela bleeding and terrified last Wednesday tied to a railroad track. Since then, she’s been reunited with her original owners, according to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service.

“Cabela is doing very well, her bandage was removed last night and she is already bearing a small amount of weight on her leg,” the facility wrote on its Facebook page. “Her chances of making a full recovery are improving.”

Police say Hollinger shot Cabela in the shoulder when she wouldn’t fight. The dog ran back to the home she’d escaped from four months before she was sold into dogfighting, but Hollinger and Callaway allegedly tracked her down and took her to the tracks where she was tied down. Police say the pair allegedly admitted to their crimes, according to The Huff Post.

“Nothing gets you ready to see a helpless dog tied to a railroad tracks,” said Sr. Sgt. Rich Mills, who rescued the dog.

Investigators say there may be more arrests pending.

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