Audio Released From Killing of Mother Trying To Protect Kids

Photo: KRON

OAKLAND (KRON) — 911 dispatchers have released the audio of their operations surrounding the murder of an Oakland mom who died protecting her children.

KRON 4 has edited the 29 minute long clip, clipping out the blank space.

Many West Oakland residents say they are upset about Oakland police’s response to 911 calls.

According to reports, a neighbor called police 13 minutes before 30-year-old Chyemil Pierce was shot Monday.

The neighbor warned the 911 dispatcher that a dispute was escalating near a house that has been the subject of numerous police visits.

Police didn’t respond to the neighborhood until dispatchers got several calls about shots fired in the area.

Oakland police say they didn’t respond to the initial call because there was no mention of any weapons.

In the audio, medics report that Pierce had been shot in the back of the head and was unresponsive.

Pierce was shot while protecting her two young children after picking them up at their school, Vincent Academy Charter School.

In case you missed the original story, you can click here to view the full report.


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